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Feedback & Complaint Management Policy


Savvy Plan Management is committed to providing a feedback and complaint management system that meets the requirements set out in:

for receiving and managing NDIS participant, their representatives and other feedback and complaints.  We will always accept a complaint with grace and ensure that people are treated fairly.  We want our clients to be happy with our service and a complaint can be a learning opportunity for us on how we can provide a better service.  People can be confident that we value their opinions and input and will work with you to resolve any complaint.  If we need to take any actions to correct a mistake we will do so in a timely manner.

This policy is in relation to provision of supports by Savvy Plan Management under the NDIS and not complaints about the NDIS itself.


A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with the provision of a service, including how a previous complaint was handled, for which a response or resolution is expected.

Feedback is information about a person’s response to a service that has been provided with a view to improving the quality of service, the systems or processes.

A compliment is an expression of satisfaction in relation to a service that has been provided.


This policy is intended to ensure that feedback and complaints are handled fairly, in a transparent way, and in a timely and effective manner.  It will give people confidence that we are committed to improving the quality of our staff training, services, systems, processes, and the complaint-handling process. Complaints can be made about any part of the quality or delivery of our services such as if there is dissatisfaction with:

  • the way services are provided
  • decisions we have made
  • the conduct of our employees
  • personal information not kept private


We also welcome compliments so that we can be sure that we are supporting stakeholders well.

Our commitment

We are committed to handling a complaint diligently and we will work to ensure:

  • stakeholders are aware of their right to make a complaint 
  • feel empowered and supported to make a complaint
  • are informed in the resolution process 
  • know they won’t be adversely affected as a result of making a complaint
  • are supported to seek advocacy where needed

How to make a complaint

People can make a complaint with Savvy Plan Management by contacting us in the following ways:

Anonymous complaints

Complaints can be made anonymously. We will investigate all complaints where there is enough detail around the dissatisfaction.  These complaints also add to our data for quality improvements.

Complaints help us to:

  • improve services
  • identify systemic problems in our service deliver or business operations
  • provide better outcomes to participants through quality improvements

Taking a complaint further

If the complainant is not satisfied with the way a complaint was handled, they can make a complaint to the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission by phone on: 1800 035 544 or via the website at: https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/contact-us/makeacomplaint

Complaint monitoring

  • all complaints are be monitored using a complaint register
  • the complaint register includes up-to-date progress of each complaint and whether it is currently open or closed (resolved)
  • f there is any doubt about the end resolution of a complaint, we will seek feedback from the person who made the complaint
  • the complaint register will used to drive quality improvements.

Complaint records and review

Accurate information of complaints received including decisions made, actions taken and eventual outcomes must, by law, be recorded and kept for 7 years from the date of the complaint. This enables us to:

  • review complaints received 
  • assist in identifying any systemic issues raised
  • allow a response to the Commissioner, if required

Accessibility of the information 

  • Complaint information will be stored securely and accessible only by the people handling complaints.

Upon resolution of the complaint:

  • we will give consideration to both the complaints system and the actions that led to the dissatisfaction of the person
  • take steps to improve any processes or quality of service that failed to support the person as they had wanted