I support the NDIS


The NDIA allows these four options to manage funding for supports:

  1. Self-Managed
  2. Registered Plan Management Provider
  3. National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) managed
  4. A combination of the above

We do Option 2: Plan Management. There is more detail on each of these options in the NDIS page. But for now have a think about why you would choose to use a Plan Manager.

Why choose plan management?

  • No worry! No stress! Accounts paid! Budget up-to-date!
  • You don’t have to do the paperwork! We do that for you.
  • Plan managers can liaise with providers and participants to implement and manage the plan.
  • Or, you can liaise with your providers, chatting directly with them about your needs and wants and … You don’t have to do the paperwork! We do that for you.
  • We pay the bills, including expense claims, and send you a monthly statement so you know where you are up to with your budget.
  • You still decide what is in your own best interest and have choice and control over the ‘who, what, when and where’ of supports provided to you.
  • Unlike the Agency option, using a Plan Manager you can even choose service providers who are not registered and you can employ people directly.
  • You keep all the benefits of being self-managed without the stress and worry of the paperwork!
  • We can help you to build your own financial skills and capabilities so that you can move to self-managed if you want to (only if it would add meaning and value to you!)
  • Or, you can choose to continue to use a Plan Manager. Remember… your life… your plan… your choice!

So, are you including Plan Management in your NDIS Plan?

‘Yes!’ is the Savvy Way. If you are saying ‘YES!’ let’s get started!